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Lowndes County Wildlife Federation

Welcome to the Lowndes County Wildlife Federation Home Page!


Do You Love the Outdoors and the things that live in it? Then you've come to the right place. The LCWF page contains information about conservation, hunting, fishing, and outdoors activities. Club news and happenings will be placed here, and local outdoor news as well. Additionally, we link to state and national wildlife and conservation sites and other areas of interest.

Latest News!!

Letter from the President
Greetings to Fellow Club Members,
THE CLUB WILL MEET AT 7:00 pm on Tue Dec. 17 at the new Legion Hall (old Scott Lumber) on Tuffy St. near the Intersection of Hwy 45 and Bluecutt Rd. Turn off Hwy 45 between CECO and the Citizens Bank Branch or turn off Bluecutt by the Paine-Webber Brokerage.
Several good deer have been taken so far. There has been some confusion about using state rules for deer harvest, and the Board has to apologize for not making the Deer Rules on harvest more clearly in the guidelines. We did not make the 6 pt. rule
clear so "as the rules/guidelines say", MS State 4 pt. and harvest rules apply.
Be sure to use good sense and follow our main rules and be sportsmanlike in your actions.
Be sure to come to the meeting and vote for the candidate of your choice. I know the Nominations committee has called most of you and many candidates have as well. One club wife said she
felt like an answering machine. I'm glad to see such interest in the election and I know it will be a good one for the club.

Halon Robison, President.

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We have some nice turkeys down here near the Tenn-Tom Waterway.

Photo Gallery
We've got all kinds of pictures of animals and interesting hunting stuff....Check out the links to pages at the top left.